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Campylobacter is an emerging zoonotic bacterial threat in the poultry industry. Most of the human cases of campylobacteriosis recorded have revealed their poultry origins. Various control measures have been employed both at the farm and processing levels to combat with it. The antibiotic treatment, phage therapy, competitive exclusion, and vaccination have(More)
AIM The study was conducted to estimate the contribution of edible byproducts of Barbari kids to their live and carcass weight as well as to assess textural and color characteristics and microbiological status of these byproducts. MATERIALS AND METHODS Percent live weight, Percent carcass weight, Texture, color, and microbiological analysis was done for(More)
The functions of packaging materials are to prevent moisture loss, drip, reduce lipid oxidation, improve some of their sensorial properties (color, taste and smell) and provide microbial stability of foods. Edible films can be made from protein, polysaccharides and lipids or by combination of any of these to form a composite film. Nanocomposites are(More)
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