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In the present investigation, Al2024–Beryl particulate composites were fabricated by stir casting by varying the weight percentage of beryl particulates from 0 wt% to 10 wt% in steps of 2 wt%. The cast Al2024 alloy and its composites have been subjected to solutionizing treatment at a temperature of 495°C for 2 hrs, followed by ice quenching.(More)
Band structure of III-V material InSb thin films is calculated using empirical pseudopotential method (EPM). Contrary to the predictions by simple effective mass methods, our calculation predicts that the Γ valley (with the smallest isotropic bulk effective mass) in InSb remains the lowest lying conduction valley despite size quantization effects in the(More)
The electron transport properties of semiconducting carbon nanotube (SCNT) Schottky diodes are investigated with atomic models using density functional theory and the non-equilibrium Green's function method. We model the SCNT Schottky diode as a SCNT embedded in the metal electrode, which resembles the experimental set-up. Our study reveals that the(More)
A plasmonic coupled-cavity system, which consists of a quarter-wave coupler cavity, a resonant Fabry-Pérot detector nanocavity, and an off-resonant reflector cavity, is used to enhance the localization of surface plasmons in a plasmonic detector. The coupler cavity is designed based on transmission line theory and wavelength scaling rules in the optical(More)
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