Pramesh Gupta

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This paper presents an individual identification system using single lead electrocardiogram (ECG). The proposed techniques for P and T wave delineation are based on time derivative and adaptive thresholding. The performance of proposed delineators is evaluated on manually annotated Physionet QT database. The accuracy of delineators are quantified on mean(More)
The paper presents an efficient distance transform and template based technique for automatic ear localization from a side face image. The technique first segments skin and non-skin regions in the face and then uses template based approach to find the ear location within the skin regions. Ear detection proceeds as follows. First, edge map of the skin(More)
This paper describes the design and development of a prototype of robust biometric system for personnel verification. The system uses features extracted using scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) operator of human hand. The hand image for features is acquired using a low cost scanner. The palmprint region extracted is robust to hand translation and(More)
This paper proposes an efficient biometric system for personnel identification of an individual. It is based on Karhunen-Loeve and Haar wavelet transform features of human hand. A low cost scanner is used to acquire image for biometric features. The palmprint features which are independent to hand translation and rotation on the scanner are extracted.(More)
Natural systems, like the hydrological, climatological, atmospheric, or any other environmental processes, are extremely complex as well as dynamic in nature. It is therefore difficult to forecast, analyze, and quantify these processes by using simple empirical equations. Modeling and forecasting of reservoir water dynamics are not exceptions in this(More)
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