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Acute lobular nephritis is a focal bacterial infection localizer within the parenchyma of the kidney which may develops with abscess formation; clinical features of such evolution include, fever, chills, flank pain and the hematological findings of infective disease. Echographic pattern includes a law-level echogenic mass with a central hypoechoic or(More)
Management of prostate cancer requires considerable economic and social efforts and may causes some discomfort to patient. To attempt a simplification of the prostate cancer follow-up (dosage of PSA, ultrasound and abdominal and pelvic TC and/or RM, bone scan, X-ray chest and X-ray bone), Authors have review the patients with prostatic cancer who were(More)
Percutaneous echoguided drainage of retroperitoneal collections is to be considered a recommendable technique which guarantees a good percentage of success and a complete resolution of the effusions and also gives a low percentage of complications. The drainage can be made through a simple percutaneous needle puncture or through a catheter which is kept for(More)
The Authors describe the purposes of ultrasonographic follow-up after both conservative surgery and endoscopic or endourological operations of the upper urinary tract. In these cases ultrasonography evaluates the results of normal surgery, the presence of early or late complications, and of iatrogenic lesions. The echo-patterns of deformations in the(More)
Clinical investigation is still fundamental in the diagnosis of La Peyronie's disease. In this study 36 patients underwent clinical investigation and ultrasound in basal conditions and during drug-induced erection, and the results were compared. In basal condition US does not provide much useful supplementary informations. During drug-induced erection US(More)
Treatment of renal cysts in the ultrasound guided percutaneous drainage, associated with intra-cavital sclerosis-inducing agents to avoid recurrence, is often proposed. This report describes the technique and the most suitable sclerosis inducing agents. The best results are obtained with alcohol. No increase in complications or discomfort was observed.
Ultrasound is in widespread use in the study of gastrointestinal pathologies. In Crohn disease it is helpful in diagnosing complications such as thickening of the bowel loop walls, abscesses, lymph node enlargement and vesical-enteric fistulas. This report presents two cases in which vesical-enteric fistulas were visualized by US; confirming a diagnosis of(More)
From 1985 to 1993 we observed 9 female patients with urethral diverticula. All patients underwent first clinical examination and then US (suprapubic and transrectal or transvaginal scans) and X-ray cystography which demonstrated the communication between the diverticula and the urethra, MRI was also performed, in order to explain the rapports between the(More)
The authors describe both procedure details and results in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) by a transcutaneous radiofrequency ablation (TRAP). Using a "cool-tip" needle/electrode, they obtained a large cavitation or a collapse (urethral damage free) of the adenoma, the different result depending on the utilized radiofrequency (RF) energy and the(More)