Prakriti Tayalia

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Two-photon polymerization is a powerful tool for fabricating three-dimensional micro/nano structures for applications ranging from nanophotonics to biology. To tailor such structure for specific purposes it is often important to dope them. In this paper we report on the fabrication of structures, with nanometric surface features (resolution of approximately(More)
Combining a single step biofunctionalization method with a low cost polymeric MEMS platform, an efficient label free aptasensor is developed for direct detection of cancer cells. Utilizing the high binding affinity and specificity of the aptamer AS1411 for the cancer cell marker protein Nucleolin, we could detect as low as 800 cancer cells. Till date there(More)
We measured the two-photon absorption cross-section of Lucirin TPO-L and fabricated complex microstructures using it in acrylate resin. Using quantum chemistry calculations, we relate the nonlinear optical properties of the photoinitiator to its molecular structure.
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