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Online discussion forums have become a popular medium for users to discuss with and seek information from other users having similar interests. A typical discussion thread consists of a sequence of posts posted by multiple users. All the posts in a thread are not equally useful and serve a different purpose providing different types of information (some(More)
Subjectivity analysis has been actively used in various applications such as opinion mining of customer reviews in online review sites, question-answering in CQA sites, multi-document summarization, etc. However, there has been very little focus on subjectivity analysis in the domain of online forums. Online forums contain huge amounts of user-generated(More)
Sentiment analysis has been widely researched in the domain of online review sites with the aim of getting summarized opinions of product users about different aspects of the products. However, there has been little work focusing on identifying the polarity of sentiments expressed by users in online health communities such as cancer support forums, etc.(More)
A typical discussion thread in an online forum spans multiple pages involving participation from multiple users and thus, may contain multiple view-points and solutions. A user interested in the topic of discussion or having a problem similar to being discussed in the thread may not want to read all the previous posts but only a few selected posts that(More)
Online cancer communities help members support one another, provide new perspectives about living with cancer, normalize experiences, and reduce isolation. The American Cancer Society's 166000-member Cancer Survivors Network (CSN) is the largest online peer support community for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. Sentiment analysis and topic(More)
A large number of online health communities exist today, helping millions of people with social support during difficult phases of their lives when they suffer from serious diseases. Interactions between members in these communities contain discussions on practical problems faced by people during their illness such as depression, side-effects of(More) 0950-7051/ 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. ⇑ Corresponding author. Address: College of Information Sciences and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA. Tel.: +1 8149542802. E-mail addresses: (P. Biyani), (S. Bhatia),(More)
Online forums contain huge amounts of valuable information in the form of discussions between forum users. The topics of discussions can be subjective seeking opinions of other users on some issue or non-subjective seeking factual answer to specific questions. Internet users search these forums for different types of information such as opinions,(More)
Online Health Communities is a major source for patients and their family members in the process of gathering information and seeking social support. The American Cancer Society Cancer Survivors Network has many users and presents a large number of users' interactions with regards to coping with cancer. Sentiment analysis is an important step in(More)