Prakashan Korambath

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With more and more workflow systems adopting cloud as their execution environment, it becomes increasingly challenging on how to efficiently manage various workflows, v irtual machines (VMs) and workflow execution on VM instances. To make the system scalable and easy-to-extend, we design a Workflow as a Service (WFaaS) architecture with independent(More)
21st Century Smart Manufacturing (SM) is manufacturing in which all information is available when it is needed, where it is needed, and in the form it is most useful [1,2] to drive optimal actions and responses. The 21st Century SM enterprise is data driven, knowledge enabled, and model rich with visibility across the enterprise (internal and external) such(More)
To execute workflows on a compute cluster resource, workflow engines can work with cluster resource manager software to distribute jobs into compute nodes on the cluster. We discuss how to interact with traditional Oracle Grid Engine and recent Hadoop cluster resource managers using a dataflow-based scheduling approach to balance compute resource load for(More)
One of the greatest challenges in computational chemistry is the design of enzymes to catalyze non-natural chemical reactions. We focus on harnessing the distributed parallel computational power of the Grid to automate the inside-out process of enzyme design using scientific workflow systems. This paper presents a scientific workflow based approach to(More)
Xiaoyu Yang et al. (eds.), Guide to e-Science: Next Generation Scientific Research and Discovery, Computer Communications and Networks, DOI 10.1007/978-0-85729-439-5_13, © Springer-Verlag London Limited 2011 Abstract e-Science has been greatly enhanced from the developing capability and usability of cyberinfrastructure. This chapter explains how scientific(More)
Historic manufacturing enterprises based on vertically optimized companies, practices, market share, and competitiveness are giving way to enterprises that are responsive across an entire value chain to demand dynamic markets and customized product value adds; increased expectations for environmental sustainability, reduced energy usage, and zero incidents;(More)
In this paper we describe our experience in investigating private cloud storage solutions and architectures for long-term data archival storage purpose. The storage solution needs in a campus research environment requires reliability and scalability up to petabytes of data at the minimum. The key requirements for a reliable and scalable cloud storage(More)
Cloud Storage Systems are increasingly noticed now-a-days as they are promising elastic capability and high reliability at low cost. In these services, the files are stored in an authenticated cloud storage service center. The most important feature is storage is adjusted dynamically, and there won't be any worry about space being inadequate or wasted.(More)
In this report we tabulated and plotted concurrent I/O benchmarks on three different file systems namely a NAS, Panasas and Lustre file system. We ran the same executable on two file systems on one cluster because they were accessible on that cluster. The same code was recompiled and similar benchmark was ran on a remote cluster. We discuss the write I/O(More)
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