Prakash V. Pradhan

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Of 113 methyl isocyanate (MIC)-exposed subjects studied initially at Bhopal, India, 79, 56, 68, and 87 were followed with clinical, lung function, radiographic, and immunologic tests at 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months. Though our cohort consisted of subjects at all ages showing a varied severity of initial illness, fewer females and young subjects were seen.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate psychopathology and self-esteem in chronic illness. METHODS 60 children and their parents were selected to participate in an open study. 30 children had epilepsy and the other 30 had thalassemia. Both the groups consisted of children randomly selected from the Epilepsy Clinic and Thalassemia Centre respectively, of a teaching general(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate psychopathology and coping mechanisms in parents of children with a chronic illness. METHODS 30 parents whose children had Thalassaemia were randomly selected from the Thalassaemia Day Care Centre of a teaching general hospital. The parents were interviewed on a semi structured proforma and also rated on SCL-90-R and Mechanisms of(More)
The aim of present double blind controlled study is to evaluate the effects of ECT in Schizophrenia and Depression. 20 depressed and 20 schizophrenic patients of either sex, in the age group 18 to 65 years fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria were taken for study. The psychiatric evaluations were carried out before the treatment, and at the end(More)
1. Mental health gets a low priority all over the world but much more so in developing countries. 2. In India, modern psychiatric facilities are available only in the cities. Mental hospitals are becoming modernized but the backbone of psychiatry is the psychiatric department in the General Hospital where treatment is out-patient and family based except(More)
Delusional disorder-somatic (parasitosis) type is a rare psychiatric disorder which poses a challenge to diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Pimozide, a highly specific dopamine blocker has shown promising results in the 3 cases illustrated here. These cases were seen over a period of 3 years. All the three patients believed that an insect has entered(More)