Prakash Sharma

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Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) is a newly emerging concept in the literature of organization behavior. Despite an increasing number of studies on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), no unifying work is focused on the measurement of degree of change in OCB in a public sector organization and a private sector organization. We hypothesized(More)
Demand side management (DSM) is an important aspect of modern smart grid with multi beneficiary nature in providing techno-economic benefits for consumer as well as utility. Consumers are allowed to make regulation in their energy consumption through informed decisions and utility can exploit the benefits like peak shaving, load levelling etc. Plug loads(More)
This paper presents the performance of Kannada handwritten numeral recognition using feed forward back propagation neural network (FFBPNN) classifiers. The classifier is designed to recognize the Kannada handwritten numerals. Samples are represented by the few features extracted by the zoning technique. The input numeral samples in binary form are stored in(More)
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