Prakash S. Raghavendra

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Many-threaded architecture based Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are good for general purpose computations for achieving high performance. The processor has latency hiding mechanism through which it hides the memory access time in such a way that when one warp (group of 32 threads) is computing, the other warps perform memory bound access. But for memory(More)
With the growth of Graphics Processor (GPU) programmability and processing power, graphics hardware has become a compelling platform for computationally demanding tasks in a wide variety of application domains. This state of art paper gives the technical motivations that underlie GPU computing and describe the hardware and software developments that have(More)
The tremendous progress of the internet and the World Wide Web in the recent era has emphasized the requirement for reducing the latency at the client or the user end. In general, caching and prefetching techniques are used to reduce the delay experienced by the user while waiting to get the web page from the remote web server. The present paper attempts to(More)
The hardware and software evolutions related to Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), for general purpose computations, have changed the way the parallel programming issues are addressed. Many applications are being ported onto GPU for achieving performance gain. The GPU execution time is continuously optimized by the GPU programmers while optimizing pre-GPU(More)
There are many models in literature and practice that analyse user behaviour based on user navigation data and use clustering algorithms to characterize their access patterns. The navigation patterns identified are expected to capture the user's interests. In this paper, we model user behaviour as a vector of the time he spends at each URL, and further(More)
The proliferation of internet along with the attractiveness of the web in recent years has made web mining as the research area of great magnitude. Web mining essentially has many advantages which makes this technology attractive to researchers. The analysis of web user’s navigational pattern within a web site can provide useful information for applications(More)
Web usage mining inspects the navigation patterns in web access logs and extracts previously unknown and useful information. This may lead to strategies for various web-oriented applications like web site restructure, recommender system, web page prediction and so on. The current work demonstrates clustering of user sessions of uneven lengths to discover(More)