Prakash N Dixit

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Single-step real-time high-throughput monitoring of drug influences on bacterial cell behaviour has become important with growing interests in personalized therapy and medication. Conventional microchip assemblies to perform similar work do exist. However, most of these devices have complex set-ups incorporating micromixers, separators, pumps, or valves.(More)
Inter-annual and seasonal variability in climatic parameters, most importantly rainfall, have potential to cause climate-induced risk in long-term crop production. Short-term field studies do not capture the full nature of such risk and the extent to which modifications to crop, soil and water management recommendations may be made to mitigate the extent of(More)
Formations of Y and T nano junctions have been observed in boron nitride films deposited on silicon substrates by plasma chemical reaction of diborane (B2H6 diluted in hydrogen) and ammonia (NH3) gases using dual frequency (microwave/radio) plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition technique without any intentional heating of the substrates. It has been(More)
Nanocrystalline silicon thin films were grown using gaseous mixture of 5% silane (SiH4) diluted in hydrogen (H2) and argon (Ar) in a radio frequency (13.56 MHz) plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition technique. These films were deposited as a function of pressure and were characterized using AFM, Laser Raman, UV-VIS transmission, photoluminescence and(More)
The crystallization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon layers (a-Si:H) [1,2] deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is of great interest. Generally, laser or metals are used to induce crystallization in a-Si:H films. We have found that films deposited at high rf power (> 0.2 W/cm2) by PECVD technique shows some crystallites embedded(More)
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