Prakash Meena

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On the basis of different literature survey, a single slope active solar still is selected for further development and performance analysis which is subjected to be coupled with evacuated glass tube solar collector for high temperature water feeding in to the basin of solar still. The developed solar still basin area of 1 m 2 is proposed to be tested with(More)
Research workers solve the simple problems of optimization by using various mathematical techniques. But to solve complex problems of optimization a stochastic and population based algorithm named Differential Evolution (DE) is used. DE is fast, simple and straightforward algorithm to optimize the problems which are complex. Like other evolutionary(More)
— Wireless technology has advanced to be become a vital part of our lives starting from mobile communication to health care departments. The main purpose of this research is to analyse and design efficient transmission control mechanisms for handling critical and non-critical data. In most of the existing literature works of WBAN, adaptive and reliable data(More)
Induction generator is popularly used to harness wind energy. Though there are large number of induction generator configurations, it is found that, out of all these, a novel Bifurcated Winding Induction Generator presented in this paper due to its distinct excitation and power winding has higher efficiency and controllability. The squirrel cage(More)
To analyze and design an efficient transmission control mechanisms for handling critical and non-critical data in wireless body area network, we propose a packet handling mechanism in order to handle the emergency packet. In this paper the performance of emergency packet handling is compared with the existing technique and the simulation results show that(More)
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