Prakash M. Dixit

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Single-step real-time high-throughput monitoring of drug influences on bacterial cell behaviour has become important with growing interests in personalized therapy and medication. Conventional microchip assemblies to perform similar work do exist. However, most of these devices have complex set-ups incorporating micromixers, separators, pumps, or valves.(More)
As part of the BPI Challenge 2015, five event logs originating from five different Dutch municipalities have been analyzed. The process captured by these event logs concerns the application process of building permit requests. The event logs have been analyzed and compared on the organizational dimension, the performance dimension, and the controlflow(More)
Fragmentation is a fundamental material process that naturally spans spatial scales from microscopic to macroscopic. We developed a mathematical framework using an innovative combination of hierarchical material modeling (HMM) and adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) to connect the continuum to microstructural regimes. This framework has been implemented in a new(More)
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