Prakash Krishnamurthy

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Due to broadcast nature of wireless radio transmission, security services are of paramount importance to protect information exchanged in a wireless network. However, providing security services increases the computation and hence energy consumption due to cryptographic algorithms. Energy tends to be a very limited resource for wireless devices operating on(More)
<i>There are two basic parts to the behavioral specification of distributed systems: safety and progress. In earlier work, we developed a tool to monitor progress properties of CORBA components specified using the temporal operator</i> transient. <i>In this paper, we address the specification and testing of transient properties that are quantified (over(More)
Acute paraplegia from an aortic occlusion or dissection is a surgical emergency. Prompt recognition and treatment may mitigate irreversible spinal cord injury. Aortography is commonly used when an aortic lesion is suspected as the cause of acute paraplegia. Transesophageal echocardiography is becoming increasingly used for the evaluation of aorta,(More)
An evaluation of the third Modified Leprosy Eradication Campaign (MLEC) was carried out in Potka block in the high endemic district of East Singhbhum, Jharkhand State, India, by our external evaluation team, from 29 October to 8 November 2001. The searchers in this block detected 389 suspects during the MLEC; of these, 181 (46%) were examined, and 69 (38%)(More)
Due to the scarce resources of small devices in wireless networks, it is preferable that security protocols be lightweight and energy efficient while being secure. In this paper, we describe the existing WLAN standard for authentication and key management (AKM), namely, IEEE 802.11i. The AKM protocol in 802.11i can be fairly energy hungry especially when(More)