Prakash Jayanth Kulkarni

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The aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a new paradigm for improving the system’s features such as modularity, readability and maintainability. Owing to a better modularisation of cross-cutting concerns, the developed system implementation would be less complex, and more readable.Thus, software development efficiency would increase, so the system would be(More)
An application security has two primary goals: first, it is intended to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing information at higher classification than their authorisation. Second, it is intended to prevent personnel from declassifying information. Using an object oriented approach to implementing application security results not only with the(More)
The paper introduces a framework for replacing selected foreground region with appropriate background region using inpainting and super-resolution techniques. To get maximum details of the missing area, super-resolution algorithm is used. This scheme makes use of inpainting of low-resolution images easier. Main novelty of the paper is in terms of reducing(More)
The goal of the paper is to present that Aspect Oriented Programming AspectJ integrated with Spring AOP provides very powerful mechanisms for modularizing enterprise security cross-cutting concerns. Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) allows weaving a security aspect into an application providing additional security functionality or introducing completely new(More)
We address to the problem of Privacy Preserving Back Propagation Algorithm for a Vertically Partitioned Dataset. To enhance cooperation’s in learning, it is important to address the privacy concern of each data holder by extending the privacy preservation notion to original learning algorithms. In this paper, we focus on preserving the privacy in an(More)
Evaluation of subjective answers submitted in an exam is an essential but one of the most resource consuming educational activity. This paper details experiments conducted under our project to build a software that evaluates the subjective answers of informative nature in a given knowledge domain. The paper first summarizes the techniques such as(More)
One-versus-all (OVA) classification is one of the multiclass classification problems as well as it is a binary classifier. On the basis of this, we propose a network intrusion detecting system for the security of computers and networks. In this paper, we present a new learning algorithm for detection of a network intrusion using one versus all decision tree(More)
Design patterns offer flexible solutions to common problems in software development. Recent studies have shown that several design patterns involve crosscutting concerns. Unfortunately, object-oriented (OO) abstractions are often not able to modularize those crosscutting concerns, which in turn decrease the system reusability and maintainability. Hence, it(More)