Prakash J. Kulkarni

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Multilevel security (MLS) is the application of a computer system to process information with different sensitivities (i.e., at different security levels), permit simultaneous access by users with different security clearances and needs-to-know, and prevent users from obtaining access to information for which they lack authorization. Multilevel Security(More)
Explosive and quick growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in intricate Web sites, demanding enhanced user skills and sophisticated tools to help the Web user to find the desired information. Finding desired information on the Web has become a critical ingredient of everyday personal, educational, and business life. Thus, there is a demand for more(More)
— This paper presents a method to build binary classifier using supervised neural network. Support Vector Machine (SVM), which is based on the concept of maximum margin, is also used to build binary classifier, however it is mathematically complex. Neural Network (NN) is a simpler alternative and more suitable for parallel processing. This paper presents(More)
One-versus-all (OVA) classification is one of the multiclass classification problems as well as it is a binary classifier. On the basis of this, we propose a network intrusion detecting system for the security of computers and networks. In this paper, we present a new learning algorithm for detection of a network intrusion using one versus all decision tree(More)
Existing tag based social media search engines present search results as a ranked list of images. But, they fail to identify visual, textual and geographical concepts present in query results. In this paper, we present an approach for automatic generation of visual, textual and geographical concept preserving summary of social image search results. For user(More)
Though several approaches to detect intrusion have been already proposed, the area of clustering and categorization of packet signatures has potential scope for research. In this paper, we propose a framework for network intrusion detection system which is based on clustering of packet signatures and network analysis. Whenever features of incoming network(More)