Prakash H. Patil

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Internet has entered in our lives in a big way, from sending mails, reading the news, to the booking of tickets on-line, it has a special role in every one’s life. There is a great need in the near future to take the Internet to the remote places in our country, where network infrastructure is not in place. Many efforts are made in this direction and one of(More)
The indoor infrared wireless communication has been introduced a new dimension for short range wireless communication. The modulation schemes play an important role during IR channel modeling. The modulation schemes enumerate the harshness of multipath ISI. This paper described and analyzed the various modulations schemes such as on-off-keying(OOK), pulse(More)
This paper is presenting the new method for scene text identification in which first it extract connected components (CCs) in images by using the maximally stable extremal region algorithm. So that it can generate the candidate areas these are divided into groups extracted CCS. Traditional clustering methods rely on heuristic rules, unlike an AdaBoost(More)
In this paper we investigate the performance analysis of indoor infrared wireless communication channel, by characterizing the IR channel impulse responses. The channel impulse responses are generated using an estimation method based on geometrical modeling of indoor environment. Here we consider multiple numbers of reflections, which are calculated(More)
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