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BACKGROUND Most studies that have evaluated the association between the body-mass index (BMI) and the risks of death from any cause and from specific causes have been conducted in populations of European origin. METHODS We performed pooled analyses to evaluate the association between BMI and the risk of death among more than 1.1 million persons recruited(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of using smokeless tobacco during pregnancy on babies' birth weight and gestational age at birth. DESIGN Population based, prospective cohort study using a house to house approach. SETTING Eight primary health post areas in the city of Mumbai (Bombay), India. PARTICIPANTS 1217 women who were three to seven months pregnant(More)
BACKGROUND The age-specific mortality rates and total deaths from specific cancers have not been documented for the various regions and subpopulations of India. We therefore assessed the cause of death in 2001-03 in homes in small areas that were chosen to be representative of all the parts of India. METHODS At least 130 trained physicians independently(More)
South Asia is a major producer and net exporter of tobacco. Over one-third of tobacco consumed regionally is smokeless. Traditional forms like betel quid, tobacco with lime and tobacco tooth powder are commonly used and the use of new products is increasing, not only among men but also among children, teenagers, women of reproductive age, medical and dental(More)
Use of smokeless tobacco products is common worldwide, with increasing consumption in many countries. Although epidemiological data from the USA and Asia show a raised risk of oral cancer (overall relative risk 2.6 [95% CI 1.3-5.2]), these are not confirmed in northern European studies (1.0 [0.7-1.3]). Risks of oesophageal cancer (1.6 [1.1-2.3]) and(More)
BACKGROUND The occurrence of diabetes has greatly increased in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in Asia, as has the prevalence of overweight and obesity; in European-derived populations, overweight and obesity are established causes of diabetes. The shape of the association of overweight and obesity with diabetes risk and its overall impact(More)
Information on 217,174 microscopically diagnosed cancers diagnosed in 2001-2002 was collected from pathology laboratories in 68 districts across India. Data collection took place primarily via the Internet. Average annual age-adjusted incidence rates for microscopically diagnosed cases (MAAR) by gender and site were calculated for each of the 593 districts(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco use has been identified as the single biggest cause of inequality in morbidity. The objective of this study is to examine the role of social determinants on current tobacco use in thirteen low-and-middle income countries. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We used nationally representative data from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS)(More)
AIMS To assess the prevalence and pattern of alcohol use in a middle-aged and elderly population in Mumbai, India. METHODS 50 220 men aged >/=45 years from the lower and lower-middle section of the general population were interviewed. RESULTS 18.8% were currently consuming alcoholic beverages, of whom 32.8% drank on at least 6 days per week. The most(More)
Smokeless tobacco products are a known cause of oral cancer in India. Carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines in these products are believed to be at least partially responsible for cancer induction, but there have been no recent analyses of their amounts. We quantified levels of 4 tobacco-specific nitrosamines, N'-nitrosonornicotine (NNN),(More)