Prakash Chandra Dhara

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Using footwear often becomes troublesome and creates many problems. Most of these problems are associated with the wearing of ill-fitting footwear, as it leads to biomechanical imbalance and ultimately give rise to different foot problems. In the present investigation different foot problems, viz., discomfort, pain and other hazards related to the use of(More)
OBJECTIVES The present investigation aimed to evaluate the extent of mismatch between different dimensions of school furniture and the respective anthropometric measures of school children. Assessment of health problems as well as postural pattern among the school children while attending their classes in relation to the classroom furniture was the other(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity has been regarded as a single best predictor and major controllable contributor to hypertension. The present study aimed to assess the relationship between body compositional and nutritional parameters with blood pressure in rural Bengalee adults. METHODS Anthropometric measures, blood pressure and nutritional parameters were measured(More)
This study aimed to evaluate musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and postural stress among female craftworkers. The study was carried out on 75 adult female craftworkers in different districts of West Bengal. The prevalence of MSDs, body part discomfort (BPD) rating and body joint angles of the workers were evaluated with standard methods. Electromyography(More)
Garlic (Allium sativum) has a profound effect in reducing plasma glucose and increasing serum insulin in diabetic rats. We studied the effect of a garlic extract on nickel- or chromium-induced alteration of plasma glucose and hepatic glycogen levels and anti-oxidant status in rats. Adult male albino rats (n=36) divided into six groups of six animals each(More)
The present investigation was made to find out the effect of age and sex on Range of Motion (ROM) and gradation of ROM among healthy adults. A total number of 353 subjects (180 male and 173 female) having the age range of 19-60 years were selected at random from Bengali population of different districts of West Bengal for the study. The subjects were(More)
BACKGROUND In India varieties of hand tools have been used to cut the vegetables. Traditional vegetable cutter is a commonly used hand tool which has been used for years in the kitchen. The tool may have some design related problems. The present study was undertaken to reduce those problems. OBJECTIVE The study objective was to evaluate a new design of(More)
Rice cultivation contains several tasks and workers were compelled to adopt some harmful and awkward posture during performing those tasks. These type repetitive jobs may be related to occupational health hazards like musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). In the present investigation different MSD related problems of the workers have been assessed and also(More)
The present study was aimed to evaluate physiological strain among women cultivators engaged in potato cultivation. The cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on 150 women participants in different districts of West Bengal State, India. The physiological strain was evaluated by working heart rate, blood lactate and oxygen consumption. The average(More)
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