Prakash Chand Gupta

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Handwritten character recognition plays an important role in the modern world. It can solve more complex problems and makes human's job easier. The present paper portrays a novel approach in recognizing handwritten devanagari character through feed forward back propagation neural network. All the experiments are conducted by using the Artificial Neural(More)
Code clones are the codes which have same code in the system and so it is difficult to locate all the same codes in the system when any change is to be done. Researchers have proved that almost 70% of the effort done during maintenance is just because of the occurrence the clones in the system. A number of approaches had been given earlier to detect various(More)
Security of biometric template is the most challenging aspect of biometric identification system.Storing the biometric template in the database increases the chance of compromising it which may lead to serious threat and misuse of the individual identity. This paper proposes a novel and computationally simpler approach to store a biometric sample in the(More)
Component-based software development (CBSD) or component-based software engineering (CBSE) is concerned with the assembly of pre-existing software components into larger pieces of software. Underlying this process is the notion that software components are written in such a way that they provide functions common to many different systems. Borrowing ideas(More)
The power of distribution and replication has been harnessed since long to provide potential advantages of improved performance, reduced costs, improved reliability and shorter response times. Recently, these powers have been introduced for dynamic XML documents as new features. It is supported by Query languages like Xpath and Xquery and large network of(More)
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