Prajoy Podder

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In the emerging field of medical image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition and other digital signal processing applications, window technique is vastly used. A window function is a mathematical function that is zero-valued outside of some chosen interval. When another function is multiplied by a window function, the product is also zero-valued(More)
Iris recognition system for identity authentication and verification is one of the most precise and accepted biometrics in the world. Portable iris system mostly used in law enforcement applications, has been increasing more rapidly. The portable device, however, requires a narrow-bandwidth communication channel to transmit iris code or iris image. Though a(More)
This paper presents an efficient noise reduction scheme to remove localized high frequency information from segmented iris region for personal authentication based on radial suppression. Eyelash and eyelids of localized iris area is considered as noisy information. Accuracy of iris recognition system generally depends on accurate segmentation and noise(More)
In Driver's fatigue is a major safety concern in transportation system, because driver drowsiness and distraction have been casual factor for the large number of road accident. Fatigue reduces the driver's perception level and decision making ability, which responsible for serious road accident. Around 22%-24% of car crash occurred by driver(More)
In the field of digital signal processing, the function of a filter is to remove unwanted parts of the signal such as random noise that is also undesirable. To remove noise from the speech signal transmission or to extract useful parts of the signal such as the components lying within a certain frequency range. Filters are broadly used in signal processing(More)
This paper presents a novel and robust method for pupil and iris boundary localization based on morphological and geometrical operation. This proposed method localizes the iris and pupil center in several stages. In the proposed algorithm Otsu threshold value, median filter, image complement, contact labeling and manual tracking are used for robust(More)
A digital system frequently requires memory for storage. To facilitate this requirement, FPGAs offer different types of memory, ranging from block RAM, a highly distributed RAM in the form of the multiple LUTs, right down to the storage of data in the flip-flops. However, unlike the conventional RAMs, dynamic random access memory (DRAM) is best suited for(More)
Bit error rate is a key property of the digital communication system. Various types of modulation methods like ASK, BPSK, QPSK are used in the digital information transmission system. BER can be demarcated as the number of received bits of a data stream over a communication channel that can be affected due to noise, interference and distortion or bit(More)
At the modern world digital signal processing (DSP) has turned into an enormously vital subject. A fundamental aspect of the digital signal processing is filtering. Filtering is a selective system which passes a certain range of frequency and attenuating the others frequency. Digital filtering is a powerful sector of DSP related works. A digital filter is a(More)
Reduction of noise in digital images is a challenging task for the researchers in digital image processing. Speckle noise creates most critical disturbances and affects the quality of synthetic aperture radar, ultrasound and medical images in the field of biomedical imaging. SAR imagery uses the microwave radiation, which receives coherent summation of(More)
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