Prajakta N. Shende

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TPM is a technique which helps us in maintaining and improving production system through machine, process, and employee which add a positive value to the organization. TPM has been developed to meet the new maintenance needs by keeping the equipment in top condition so as to avoid breakdown and delay in production. This paper focusing on calculating the(More)
The fast changing economic conditions such as global competition, declining profit margin, customer demand for high quality product, product variety and reduced lead–time etc. had a major impact on manufacturing industries. To respond to these needs a new paradigm in this area of manufacturing strategies is Six Sigma. The Six Sigma approach has been(More)
Endometriosis is defined as extra-uterine localization of ectopic functional endometrial gland and stroma. Cystic or solid tumoral masses caused by endometriosis are named as endometrioma. Although these pathologic conditions mostly encountered in ligaments of uterus, ovaries, pouch of douglos and pelvic peritoneum; endometriosis has also been reported in(More)
Tuberculosis (TB), being a global health problem, represents variedly. Its presentation as a labial swelling secondary to pubic bone TB has been reported rarely in literature. We report a case of pubic bone TB presenting as a labial swelling in a woman of reproductive age. Early diagnosis with fine needle aspiration cytology, acid-fast bacillus (AFB)(More)
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