Prahpan Phanuphak

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BACKGROUND Patients infected with HIV-1 initiating antiretroviral therapy (ART) containing a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) show presumably fewer atherogenic lipid changes than those initiating most ARTs containing a protease inhibitor. We analysed whether lipid changes differed between the two most commonly used NNRTIs, nevirapine(More)
Clinical and serologic studies on three infants who had the neonatal lupus syndrome and studies on their mothers revealed an association with antibodies to sicca syndrome antigens. From initial studies and a 2-year follow-up, there is evidence that indicates transplacental passage of autoantibodies directed against Sjögren's (sicca) syndrome-associated(More)
Standardization of methacholine inhalation challenge (MIC) by a reservoir method was performed at Respiratory Unit, Chulalongkorn Hospital. One hundred subjects, including 20 non-smoking healthy subjects, 20 patients with isolated chronic cough, 20 patients with isolated allergic rhinitis, 20 patients with stable chronic obstructive bronchitis, and 20(More)
A patient with pseudothrombocytopenia due to the anticoagulant EDTA is described. The thrombocytopenia was secondary to platelet agglutination and required the presence of EDTA in a critical concentration and the patient's plasma. Both homologous and autologous platelets were affected by this plasma factor in the presence of EDTA. The platelet agglutination(More)
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