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This paper discusses a perceptron model of the learning and assignment of linguistic stress, using data from nineteen human languages. First, we point out some interesting parallels between aspects of the model and the constructs and predictions of metrical phonology, the linguistic theory of stress. Second, we develop a novel analysis of linguistic stress(More)
Impairments in phonological processing have been associated with damage to the region of the left posterior superior temporal gyrus (pSTG), but the extent to which this area supports phonological processing, independent of semantic processing, is less clear. We used repetition priming and neural repetition suppression during functional magnetic resonance(More)
Dental caries is a chronic disease which can affect us at any age. The term "caries" denotes both the disease process and its consequences, that is, the damage caused by the disease process. Dental caries has a multifactorial aetiology in which there is interplay of three principal factors: the host (saliva and teeth), the microflora (plaque), and the(More)
We use connectionist modeling to develop an analysis of stress systems in terms of ease of learnability. In traditional linguistic analyses, learnability arguments determine default parameter settings based on the feasibilty of logicall y deducing correct settings from an initial state. Our approach provides an empirical alternative to such arguments. Based(More)
CONTEXT Tea is a rich source of fluoride (F(-)) and its consumption has become a cultural habit. F(-) available from tea might play important role in increasing total F(-) intake leading to dental fluorosis. AIMS To estimate F(-) concentration in different varieties of commercially available tea, in Mathura city, and to determine the change in(More)
INTRODUCTION The optimal dose, duration, and efficacy of itraconazole in Indian patients of pulmonary aspergilloma (PA) are not clearly defined. Therefore, a study was carried out, to resolve these issues in diagnosed cases of PA complicating old treated patients of pulmonary tuberculosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study patients randomly received(More)
INTRODUCTION The prevalence of asthma in Jaipur district of Rajasthan was reported as 0.96% in an earlier survey. It was far below the national average of 2.38%. It was reasoned then that this could be due to under diagnosis of asthma in the Jaipur population. MATERIAL AND METHODS A resurvey of the symptomatics, not diagnosed as asthma at time of the(More)