Prahalada K. Rao

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Climate change adaptation (CCA) requires the design of institutions and policies that integrate efficiency, equity, and effectiveness (EEE) objectives of systems at national and sub-national levels. Multi-level and multi-sectoral perspectives are offered in this paper incorporating the following dimensions: normative aspects of institutions, mechanisms for(More)
This paper offers a comparative study of economic history of two of the four largest irrigation systems in the world covering a period of about one hundred years, and points out the major lessons learnt from development experiences. This is especially significant since one is a developing country (which was considered a 'more developed' irrigation system a(More)
Oil spills in the ocean are a serious marine disaster that needs regular monitoring for environmental risk assessment and mitigation. Recent use of Polarimetric SAR imagery in near real time oil spill detection systems is associated with attempts towards automatic and unambiguous oil spill detection based on decomposition methods. Such systems integrate(More)
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