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Naive and pretrained rats were trained in two active avoidance paradigms using a pole-climbing box and in a single-trial passive avoidance task using a T-maze. They were then subjected to amnestic treatments with electroshock, leptazol, pentobarbitone, or ether anesthesia. Single retention tests were given at 20-24, 44-48, or 68-96 h posttreatment.(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate how, in young female patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma, using an inclined board technique can further decrease the volume of breasts and heart in the treatment field. METHODS AND MATERIALS An inclined board was constructed with the ability to mount an Aquaplast face mask, a Vacu-Lock, and a hip stopper. Eight female patients with(More)
Albino Wistar rats of both sexes were given a conditioned taste aversion training (CTA). Saccharin was used as the conditional stimulus (CS) and apomorphine-induced illness as the unconditional stimulus (US) on day 4. Amnestic treatment with electroconvulsive shock (ECS) or nitrogen anoxia were given to the rats at various points within the 180-min long(More)
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