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In this paper a general theorems concerning the |T, q n ; δ| k summa-biligy has been proved. 1 DEFINITIONS AND NOTATIONS Let a n be a given infinite series with the partial sums {s n }. By ω δ n be denote the n-th Cesáro means of order α(α > −1) of the sequence {s n }. The series a n is said to be summable |C, α| k , k ≥ 1, if ∞ n=1 n k−1 ω δ n − ω δ n−1 k(More)
The potential of hyperspectral reflectance data was explored to assess severity of yellow rust disease (Biotroph Pucciniastriiformis) of winter wheat in the present study. The hyperspectral remote sensing data was collected for winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cropat different levels of disease infestation using field spectroradiometer over the spectral(More)
Remote sensing technique is useful for monitoring large crop area at a single time point, which is otherwise not possible by visual observation alone. Yellow mosaic disease (YMD) is a serious constraint in soybean production in India. However, hardly any basic information is available for monitoring YMD by remote sensing. Present study examines spectral(More)
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