Pragati S Mittal

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The bicipital aponeurosis (BA) is a fascial expansion which arises from the tendon of biceps brachii and dissipates some of the force away from its enthesis. It helps in dual action of biceps brachii as supinator and flexor of forearm. The aim of the present work was to study the morphology of BA. Thirty cadavericupper limbs (16 right and 14 left side(More)
INTRODUCTION Os Peroneum is round or oval shaped sesamoid within the substance of the Peroneus longus tendon as it plays on the Cuboid bone. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty six embalmed cadavers were dissected bilaterally. Lateral part of foot and sole was dissected to expose Peroneus longus tendon and Os Peroneum. Measurements of Os Peroneum and articular(More)
INTRODUCTION Piriformis fossa is an important anatomical landmark having significant clinical value in orthopedic surgery; but its location and anatomical relationship with surrounding structures are not clearly defined. Hence it is necessary to clearly describe it in respect to anatomical and orthopedic aspect. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty Cadaveric dry(More)
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