Pragati J Karmarkar

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Granulomatous prostatitis is a rare benign inflammatory condition of prostate. It is mistaken for prostatic carcinoma. Clinically it presents as hard nodule on digital rectal examination with raised serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels and reduced free PSA levels. We report a rare case of non-specific granulomatous prostatitis clinically diagnosed(More)
Background-The cytological examinations of serous effusions have been well accepted, and a positive diagnosis is often considered as a definitive diagnosis. It helps in staging, prognosis and management of patients of malignancies, and also give information about various inflammatory and non inflammatory lesions. Diagnostic problem arises in everyday(More)
Ectopic thymic tissue in the neck is rarely reported in medical literature. Being uncommon, they are rarely included in the clinical diagnosis of cervical cystic masses and are misdiagnosed by surgeons as branchial cysts, lymphatic malformations, epidermoid cysts, dermoid cysts or thyroglossal cysts, lymphadenitis or neoplastic masses. Although it is rare,(More)
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