Prafulla Chandra Mohanty

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In isolated barley chloroplasts, the presence of 2 millimolar ZnSO(4) inhibits the electron transport activity of photosystem II, as measured by photoreduction of dichlorophenolindophenol, O(2) evolution, and chlorophyll a fluorescence. The inhibition of photosystem II activity can be restored by the addition of the electron donor hydroxylamine or(More)
A 42-year-old lady presented to the surgical OPD with complaints of a swelling with multiple discharging sinuses over her right thigh for the past two years. The swelling was insidious in onset and was gradually increasing in size. There was no history of any trauma or insect bite at the site of the lesion. The patient had no past history suggestive of(More)
Although current programmes to eliminate lymphatic filariasis have made significant progress it may be necessary to use different approaches to achieve the global goal, especially where compliance has been poor and 'hot spots' of continued infection exist. In the absence of alternative drugs, the use of higher or more frequent dosing with the existing drugs(More)
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