Pradyut Kumar Biswal

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EEG signals are often contaminated by the ECG signal. The previous proposed methods are mostly ensemble average subtraction and ICA based. This paper proposes a robust method for detecting R peaks. Using Continuous Wavelet Transformation (CWT), the energy frequency distribution of the QRS waves in the ECG signal are exploited along with the quasi periodic(More)
Affine transform is widely used in the high speed image processing systems. This transform plays an important role in various high speed applications like Optical quadrature microscopy (OQM), image stabilisation in digital camera and image registration etc. In these applications, transformations of image consume most of the execution time. Hence, for high(More)
Face recognition for biometric purposes has an advantage of being a non-contact process. Various face recognition algorithms has been proposed in the literature. The face recognition system mainly consists of two steps i.e. feature extraction / reduction and classification. One of the most popular tool, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is used for feature(More)
This paper focuses on algorithms which are used to count the number of people moving in or out of an area supervised by a single fixed overhead camera. The algorithms presented here have the capability of determining people count for a single person as well as for multiple people crossing the range of camera. The overall mechanism has been divided into five(More)
In biomedical imaging systems, the analysis of the interior of an organ is critical to detect eventual diseases or for surgical operations. So, to get a better view of the organs in 3D coordinate system, the affine transform (AT) has to be applied on the acquired volumetric image. The AT is also applied for biomedical CT image registration. The AT consists(More)
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