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Common phthalate pollutants, such as dimethyl phthalate and diethyl phthalate found in aqueous environmental matrices react with ammonium hydroxide at ordinary temperatures exhibiting an overall reaction order in the range 1.3-1.4. While the reaction is of first order with respect to the phthalate, the order of reaction is fractional in ammonium hydroxide.(More)
Nitrification associated with the various components [subsurface soil from unplanted and planted (rhizosphere) fields, standing water and surface soil from planted and unplanted fields and leaf sheath suspensions] of submerged rice paddies was examined in incubation experiments with solutions inoculated with soil or water samples. Substantial nitrification(More)
Aluminide coatings have been widely used in the aircraft industries for the protection of gas turbine engine hot section components against oxidation and/or hot corrosion. This paper considers modes of coating degradation under conditions of cyclic oxidation, hot corrosion and corrosionerosion interactions during service as well as the effects of(More)
Behavioral changes in aquatic organisms such as reduced prey capture and decreased mobility have been linked to exposure to contaminants in the field. The purpose of this study was to compare competitive foraging and dominance behaviors of two populations of the fiddler crab, Uca pugnax, and to examine the relationship between tissue metal residues and(More)
When sodium nitrite is spiked into phenolic waters, 2-nitrophenol is produced immediately while 4-nitrophenol forms in minor yield after an induction period. The reaction occurs at ambient temperature under acidic, neutral and alkaline conditions. The reaction also occurs in the dark. The nature and yield of the products formed in the dark are analogous to(More)
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