Pradumnya K Mohapatra

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Oxidative injury underlies the cellular injury and cell death in a variety of disease states. In muscular dystrophies, evidence from in vivo and in vitro studies suggests that muscle degeneration may be secondary to an increased susceptibility to oxidative stress. To address the role of free radical metabolism in the pathogenetic process of muscular(More)
Tomato [Solanum lycopersicum (formerly Lycopersicon esculentum) L. cv. Momotarou] plants were grown hydroponically inside the greenhouse of Hiroshima University, Japan. The adverse effects of potassium (K) deficiency stress on the source-sink relationship during the early reproductive period was examined by withdrawing K from the rooting medium for a period(More)
Malaria control is compromised worldwide by continuously evolving drug-resistant strains of the parasite demanding exploration of natural resources for developing newer antimalarials. The northeastern region of India is endemic for malaria characterized by high prevalence of drug-resistant Plasmodium falciparum strains. Many plants are used by the(More)
Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) plants were grown in liquid culture inside the greenhouse of Hiroshima University, Japan. At the first fruiting stage, P was withdrawn from the rooting medium for a period of 19 d and its effect was studied on photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, transpiration, partitioning of 13C and 15N, P contents of various organs, and(More)
Anopheles baimaii is a primary vector of human malaria in the forest settings of Southeast Asia including the north-eastern region of India. Here, the genetic population structure and the basic population genetic parameters of An. baimaii in north-east India were estimated using DNA sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase sub unit II (COII) gene.(More)
Transport behaviour of (137)Cs from nitric acid feed was investigated using cellulose triacetate plasticized polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) containing several crown ether carriers viz. di-benzo-18-crown-6 (DB18C6), di-benzo-21-crown-7 (DB21C7) and di-tert-butylbenzo-18-crown-6 (DTBB18C6). The PIM was prepared from cellulose triacetate (CTA) with various(More)
BACKGROUND Some people in Northeast India prepare rice-based alcoholic drinks in the household. People use these drinks in religious and social functions, and these are taken even in the presence of parents and elders. Easy access to illicit substances in industrial towns and lack of social inhibition for intake of homemade alcohol might increase the(More)
Light-and strange-baryon spectra are studied in a relativistic potential model of independent quarks taking into account perturbatively the correction due to one-gluon-exchange interaction along with that due to Goldstone boson exchange interaction between the constituent quarks and that due to center-of-mass motion. The baryons are assumed here as an(More)
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