Pradorn Sureephong

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Industry cluster and supply chain are in focus of every countries which rely on knowledge-based economy. Both focus on improving the competitiveness of firm in the industry in the different aspect. This paper tries to illustrate how the industry cluster can increase the supply chain performance. Then, the proposed methodology concentrates on the(More)
Knowledge-based economy forces companies in every country to group together as a cluster in order to maintain their competitiveness in the world market. The cluster development relies on two key success factors which are knowledge sharing and collaboration between the actors in the cluster. Thus, our study tries to propose a knowledge management system to(More)
Since the concept of the industry cluster was popularized by Porter in 1990, many countries try to improve the competitiveness through industry sector. Not only companies who take part in the cluster but also academic institutes, government agencies, associations, and supportive industries. The more actors involved in the cluster the more knowledge were(More)
— Many countries such as Canada, Japan, Korea and France gains their competitive advantage through the utilization of clusters development. A cluster contains many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating in the same or similar industry strongly connected with each other to produce good and services.,In developing country , especially, Small and Medium(More)
Recently, due to the financial crisis all over the world, the intensive competition in global market, lack of government and financial support, and non-using advanced technology, many small and medium sized ceramic enterprises (SMEs) in Lampang, Thailand have been closed down dramatically. This paper deals with the upgrading of Thai SMEs in order to meet(More)
This study investigates a prototyping of integrated system of Internet of Things based Wetting front detector (IOT-WFD) which focuses on how to enhance the IOT based Wetting front detector design for smart irrigation system. The empirical study was conducted with 2 sensors type to detect the wetting fronts which are the Frequency Domain Reflectrometry(More)
After the concept of industry cluster was tangibly applied in many countries, SMEs trended to link to each other to maintain their competitiveness in the market. The major key success factors of the cluster are knowledge sharing and collaboration between partners. This knowledge is collected in form of tacit and explicit knowledge from experts and(More)
Southeast Asia is one of the most rapidly growing regions in the world with natural and cultural resources. It is important to pass on the cultural knowledge to the next generation. Intangible Cultural Heritage like traditional dances, or folk dance is a valuable cultural knowledge to be maintained and passed on by transferring tacit knowledge, and even(More)