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The thermal performance of a closed-loop oscillating heat pipe which operates at horizontal orientation (Horizontal closed-loop oscillating heat pipe, HCLOHP) was dimensionally analyzed to formulate the empirical correlation. The various dimensionless groups which were supposed to influence the thermal performance of a HCLOHP was considered coupling with(More)
Arterial stiffness is well accepted as a reliable indicator of arterial disease. Increase in carotid arterial stiffness has been associated with carotid arterial disease, e.g., atherosclerotic plaque, thrombosis, stenosis, etc. Several methods for carotid arterial stiffness assessment have been proposed. In this study, in vivo noninvasive assessment using(More)
Arterial stiffness has been shown to be a good indicator of arterial wall disease. However, a single parameter is insufficient to describe the complex stress-strain relationship of a multi-component, non-linear tissue such as the aorta. We therefore propose a new approach to measure the stress-strain relationship locally in vivo noninvasively, and present a(More)
A three-dimensional multilayer model of mechanical response for analyzing the effect of pressure on arterial failure is presented in this work. The multilayer arterial wall is considered to be composed of five different layers. The three-dimensional effects are incorporated within the five-concentric axisymmetric layers while incorporating the nonlinear(More)
We hereby propose a new method to determine the regionally passive, elastic, stress-strain relationship of the normal murine abdominal aorta in vivo. The circumferential stress-strain relationship was assessed through Laplace's law, a small deformation framework and a relationship between luminal pressure and diameter variation. The regional diameter(More)
Problem statement: This study theoretically investigated applying heat pipe as a heat exchanger in the condenser of vapor compression refrigeration system for sustainable well-being. Splittype air conditioner for residential propose was considered. To reduce pressure drop and recover heat from the condensing process of the refrigeration cycle, this(More)
The closed-loop pulsating heat pipe (CLPHP) is a heat exchanger with a very high thermal conductivity. A single CLPHP is frequently used to release the heat between one heat dissipating device and one heat sink. However, some electrical applications have a number of heat dissipating devices. The CLPHP is applied to transfer the heat from multiple devices.(More)
This research aimed to develop a web-based learning environment model for enhancing cognitive skills of undergraduate students in the field of electrical engineering. The research is divided into 4 phases: 1) investigating the current status and requirements of web-based learning environment models. 2) developing a web-based learning environment model. 3)(More)
Annular thermosyphon or ATS was made from three concentric tubes with difference in diameter. An annular passage lying between an inner tube and a middle tube was evacuated and filled in with working fluid; therefore, a function of this annular passage was identical to that of the passage inside of ordinary thermosyphons. In order to assess possibility to(More)
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