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Propofol, which is a unique non-barbiturate anaesthetic agent, has been used in nearly 33 studies in RSE with good results. However the proor anticonvulsant effects of propofol remain a matter of controversy, with many reports descr ibing abnormal movements, postur ing and seizure-like activity with its use. On the other hand, systematic studies in both(More)
Using particle free semen extender and applying a low temperature thermal convection laminar flow to bring the sperm cells in vertical orientation and allowing them to act through the center of buoyancy, a bimodal distribution was achieved. Laser scanner for observing sedimentation pattern and F-body technique for identification of male sperm were used.(More)
The elements of a space-based integrity approach are to monitor the signals on-board the satellite, such that signal performance can be maintained well within desired integrity limits. These elements include 1) a system for monitoring multiple atomic frequency standards (AFS) or clocks, detecting anomalies, and automatically transferring the signal source(More)
A fluorescent staining technique, the B-body test, is utilized to ascertain the proportion of male and female spermatozoa in separated semen. This test is also used to monitor progress of Thermal Convection Counterstreaming Sedimentation and Forced Convection Galvanization processes for separating heavier electropositive (female) and lighter electronegative(More)
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