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Assessment of clinically meaningful change is useful for treatment planning, monitoring progress, and evaluating treatment response. Outcome studies often assess statistically significant change, which may not be clinically meaningful. Study objectives are to: (1) evaluate responsiveness of the BASIS-24 using three methods for determining clinically(More)
In this paper, an intelligent method for finding number of real roots of any polynomial using Feed forward Neural Network is proposed. To find the number of real roots using neural network is intelligent as well as challenging task. There are so many approaches for finding real roots of any polynomials. In this paper we survey all those approaches, try to(More)
1. INTRODUCTION. Suppose that we have two animals that make the same number of strides per minute, but that one of them takes larger strides than the other. If the strides of the smaller animal (the prey) have length a and those of the larger animal (the predator) have length b, it is easy to see that a persistent predator will always be able to catch up(More)
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