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Forty-five knees with tibial osteotomy for osteoarthrosis were studied at 5 to 10 years following surgery. Twenty-seven were graded excellent, eight good and ten poor. The best results were found in knees which maintained a Femoro-Tibial angle of 163 degrees--180 degrees whereas the poor results were associated with either under-correction at operation or(More)
Twenty selected patients with spondylolysis have been studied following apophyseal joint arthrography. In each instance a communication with the defect of the pars interarticularis was demonstrated by the extension of contrast medium from injection into the adjacent facet joint. The clinical and radiological features are described. The anatomical basis of(More)
Differential item functioning (DIF) in tests and multi-item surveys occurs when a lack of conditional independence exists between the response to one or more items and membership to a particular group, given equal levels of proficiency. We develop an approach to detecting DIF in the context of item response theory (IRT) models based on computing a(More)
In this paper, an intelligent method for finding number of real roots of any polynomial using Feed forward Neural Network is proposed. To find the number of real roots using neural network is intelligent as well as challenging task. There are so many approaches for finding real roots of any polynomials. In this paper we survey all those approaches, try to(More)