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There is experimental evidence of adverse effects of endosulfan on the male reproductive system, but there are no human data. Therefore, we undertook a study to examine the relationship between environmental endosulfan exposure and reproductive development in male children and adolescents. The study population was composed of 117 male schoolchildren (10-19(More)
BACKGROUND In the backdrop of conflicting reports (some studies reported adverse outcomes of biomass fuel use whereas few studies reported absence of any association between adverse health effect and fuel use, may be due to presence of large number of confounding variables) on the respiratory health effects of biomass fuel use, this cross sectional survey(More)
BACKGROUND Health complaints have been reported to be higher among the industrial area residents when compared with reference community. METHODS Such reports being only a few, a questionnaire survey was conducted in three different areas (Industrial, Residential, Commercial) of Ahmedabad city of India to determine the pattern of morbidity and to do a(More)
— The aim of proposed system is to develop a automatic digital electronic weighing system which totally operate with the help of solar energy. In our country the continuous supply of the electricity is very important problem. This system describes the design and implementation of a energy efficient, low cost, small size, high efficiency, high accuracy with(More)
– The digital technology, the wireless communication, and the computer systems have drastically changed the Electric meter generation from Traditional Meter to Automatic Meter. The differences is in how to collect and process information, and traditional meter reading has been long used, and it is still one of the most common ways for meter reading. This(More)
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