Pradip Kumar Sharma

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Encoding protein 3D structures into 1D string using short structural prototypes or structural alphabets opens a new front for structure comparison and analysis. Using the well-documented 16 motifs of Protein Blocks (PBs) as structural alphabet, we have developed a methodology to compare protein structures that are encoded as sequences of PBs by aligning(More)
The recent advance in cloud computing and distributed web applications has created the need to store large amount of data in distributed databases that provide high availability and scalability. With the ever-increasing growth of data communication over internet, the need for security and privacy has become a strong necessity.Non Relational databases facing(More)
Recently in the connected digital world, targeted attack has become one of the most serious threats to conventional computing systems. Advanced persistent threat (APT) is currently one of the most important threats considering the information security concept. APT persistently collects data from a specific target by exploiting vulnerabilities using diverse(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) has brought many changes in terms of the interaction processes between systems and humans. It has become the key enabler of software defined architecture, which allows enterprises to build a highly agile Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. For Future Sustainability Computing (FSC), SDN needs to deliver on many(More)
Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are target-oriented and advanced cyber-attacks which often leverage the bot control and customized malware techniques in order to control and remotely access valuable information. APTs generally use various attack techniques to gain access to the unauthorized system and then progressively spread throughout the network. The(More)
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