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A generic problem encountered in process improvement involves simultaneous optimization of multiple responses (so-called 'critical response/output characteristics'). These types of problems are also referred to as 'multiple response optimization (MRO) problems'. The primary goal of any process improvement initiative is to determine the best process(More)
Reduction of risk of occupational injuries is one of the most challenging problems faced by industry. Assessing and comparing risks involved in different jobs is one of the important steps towards reducing injury risk. In this study, a comprehensive scheme is given for assessing and comparing injury risks with the development of injury count model, injury(More)
Management of Tata Steel, the largest steel making company of India in the private sector, felt the need to develop a framework to determine the levels of ergonomic performance at its different workplaces. The objectives of the study are manifold: to identify and characterize the ergonomic variables for a given worksystem with regard to work efficiency,(More)
BACKGROUND One out of every two children sustains a dental injury most often between 8 and 10 years of age. Majority of these teeth subsequently become non-vital and most often with immature apex. Management of these teeth is an enormous challenge for lack of apical stop. Calcium hydroxide in various formulations has maximum literature support in favor of(More)
An injury severity model is proposed for assessment of injury incidents in industrial settings. A classification scheme for injury incidents considering interactions is also developed. The injury severity model considers injury potential in the form of unsafe conditions and analyzes its transfer to actual injury of varying severity. A case study was(More)
This paper discusses the details of a study undertaken for biomechanical evaluation of a number of Manual Material Handling (MMH) tasks being carried out at a construction site in India. A comprehensive methodology involving a two dimensional dynamic biomechanical evaluation approach is developed for such construction MMH tasks involving carrying and(More)