Pradip Kumar Ray

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A generic problem encountered in process improvement involves simultaneous optimization of multiple responses (so-called 'critical response/output characteristics'). These types of problems are also referred to as 'multiple response optimization (MRO) problems'. The primary goal of any process improvement initiative is to determine the best process(More)
Broadband powerline communication is appearing as a competitive solution for last mile connectivity for transmitted multimedia signal. A pilot project initiative was undertaken in the dwelling complexes in the city of Kolkata India for experimenting on broadband powerline communication. Investigations on the performance of high speed communication through(More)
aBstract Application of optimization tools and techniques is necessary and an essential requirement for any metal cutting-based manufacturing unit to respond effectively to severe competitiveness and increasing demand of quality product in the global market. However, both problem types and techniques employed are diverse. Often the context of the problem(More)
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