Pradip Kumar Mondal

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The discovery of three polymorphs of N-(3,5-difluorophenyl)-2,4-difluorobenzamide, of which two exist as concomitant polymorphs, highlights the significance of short, linear C-H⋅⋅⋅F intermolecular interactions in the solid state. The formation of these polymorphs can be regulated by monitoring the scan rate in differential scanning calorimetry. The phases(More)
A Lewis acid catalyzed Nazarov-type cyclization of arylvinylcarbinol has been developed for the asymmetric synthesis of carbotetracyclic core of merosesquiterpenes. The reaction works only in the presence of 2 mol % of Sn(OTf)2 and Bi(OTf)3 in dichloroethane under elevated temperature. The methodology offers the synthesis of a variety of enantioenriched(More)
Strong hydrogen bonds play a significant role in crystal packing. In particular, the involvement of interactions involving fluorine in controlling the crystal packing requires appropriate attention, especially in the presence of other strong hydrogen bonds. In the present study, a detailed quantitative assessment has been performed of the nature, energetics(More)
The title hydrate, C13H14N2O4·H2O, crystallizes with two formula units in the asymmetric unit (Z' = 2). The dihedral angles between the planes of the tetra-hydro-pyrimidine ring and the 4-hy-droxy-phenyl ring and ester group are 86.78 (4) and 6.81 (6)°, respectively, for one mol-ecule and 89.35 (4) and 3.02 (4)° for the other. In the crystal, the organic(More)
AIDS is syndrome of a set of disease, which is caused by HIV I and II. These viruses mainly destroy the lymphocytes which play a major role in our body immune system. Till now, there is not taken exactly prevention on this virus. Although some antiviral drugs are produced which make a preventive barrier out of the lymphocytes cells of patient‟s blood but(More)
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