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Energy efficiency is a much talked about thing in the domain of geocast routing protocols for Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (WASNs). Fermat point based protocols are capable of reducing the energy consumption of a WASN by reducing the total transmission distance in a multi hop-multi sink scenario. Presently, there are quite a handful of them but many(More)
This paper describes the implementation of Swaranjali, an experimental, speaker-dependent, real-time, isolated word recognizer for Hindi. The motivation and the advantages of choosing Hindi as the language for recognition are discussed here. The results obtained with Swaranjali for tests conducted on a vocabulary of Hindi digits for 2 male speakers are(More)
Automatic speech recognition by machine is one of the most efficient methods for man-machine communications. Because speech waveform is nonlinear and variant. Speech recognition requires a lot of intelligence and fault tolerance in the pattern recognition algorithms. Accurate vowel recognition forms the backbone of most successful speech recognition(More)
Energy consumption and delay incurred in packet delivery are the two important metrics for measuring the performance of geographic routing protocols for Wireless Adhoc and Sensor Networks (WASN). A protocol capable of ensuring both lesser energy consumption and experiencing lesser delay in packet delivery is thus suitable for networks which are delay(More)
Geocasting is a special variant of multicasting, where a data packet is destined for a particular geographic region. For many applications in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, geocasting is an important and widely used communication service. Many geocast routing protocols with different approachability have been developed. Amongst them the geometry(More)
Considerable amount of research has been carried out in the domain of man-machine interaction. Interaction with machines using hand gestures, eye motion, etc. has already been proposed by researchers all over the world. However, interacting with devices using speech is of particular interest to researchers since speech is the most natural way of interaction(More)