Pradip K. Biswas

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Correspondence between time-evolution dynamics of a tumor and an attractively interacting Bose-Einstein Condensate with feeding and dissipation. The morphology and time-evolution dynamics of tumors are expected to depend heavily on the detailed balance of the overall physics of the cell assembly (e.g., the kinetic pressure, the cell-cell interaction, and(More)
Resveratrol, a naturally occurring stilbene, has been categorized as a phytoestrogen due to its ability to compete with natural estrogens for binding to estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) and modulate the biological responses exerted by the receptor. Biological effects of resveratrol (RES) on estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) remain highly controversial, since both(More)
Human estrogen receptor alpha (ERα), which acts as a biomarker and as a therapeutic target for breast cancers, is activated by agonist ligands and co-activator proteins. Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM) act as antagonists in specific tissues and tamoxifen, a SERM, has served as a drug for decades for ERα-positive breast cancers. However, the(More)
Two broad classes of RNase P trim the 5' leader of precursor tRNAs (pre-tRNAs): ribonucleoprotein (RNP)- and proteinaceous (PRORP)-variants. These two RNase P types, which use different scaffolds for catalysis, reflect independent evolutionary paths. While the catalytic RNA-based RNP form is present in all three domains of life, the PRORP family is(More)
Fixed-charge empirical force fields have been developed and widely used over the past three decades for all-atom molecular simulations. Most simulation programs providing these methods enable only one set of force field parameters to be used for the entire system. Whereas this is generally suitable for single-phase systems, the molecular environment at the(More)
We show that the observed oscillatory pattern in the growth dynamics of a multicel-lular tumor may be successfully simulated with a classical field limit nonlinear matter wave equation given by the mean-field Gross-Pitacvskii model. Constructing and scaling the many-body Hamilto-nian we account for the overall physics of the cell aggregate (e.g., the(More)
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