Pradeepa Perera

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Two different subsets of CD8+, CD57+ cells have been defined, one expressing high levels (CD8high+(CD57+)), the other expressing low levels of surface CD8 (CD8low+(CD57+)). Increased numbers of CD8high+(CD57+) cells correlated with previous HCMV infection. By three-colour fluorescence analysis, the CD8high+(CD57+) population expressed T cell markers such as(More)
OBJECTIVE Exercise is vital for maintaining cartilage integrity in healthy joints. Here we examined the exercise-driven transcriptional regulation of genes in healthy rat articular cartilage to dissect the metabolic pathways responsible for the potential benefits of exercise. METHODS Transcriptome-wide gene expression in the articular cartilage of healthy(More)
Plasma concentrations of desferrioxamine and ferrioxamine were measured following bolus injections of desferrioxamine and during 24 h infusions of the drug. [59Fe]ferrioxamine clearance and urinary iron excretion were also measured. Higher plasma ferrioxamine concentrations were found in iron loaded subjects and higher desferrioxamine concentrations in(More)
The two stages of a two-site immunoradiometric assay were investigated separately. In the first stage, the amount of ferritin bound to coated tubes initially showed a rapid increase with increasing concentration of added ferritin. This was followed by a plateau and then a further increase which appeared to be largely due to non-specific binding. During the(More)
Extracts of hamster-human and mouse-human hybrids, some with translocations involving chromosome 19, have been assayed for both human spleen ferritin (rich in L subunits) and human heart ferritin (rich in H subunits). Hybrid lines retaining part of the long arm of chromosome 19 including the region 19q13.3→19qter produced human “L” type ferritin. This(More)