Pradeep Waychal

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This paper posits that innovation as a competence generic from individuals and the environment in which they are engaged. It focuses on individuals by proposing a method for measuring innovation as a competence. It is postulated here that innovation as a competence involves a set of competencies such as: visioning, ability to generate ideas, internal and(More)
It is impossible to separate the human factors from software engineering expertise during software development, because software is developed by people and for people. The intangible nature of software has made it a difficult product to successfully create, and an examination of the many reasons for major software system failures show that the reasons for(More)
Software is now an essential ingredient of everyday life. The discipline of software engineering, therefore, must keep pace with the growing demands placed on it, and needs to mature expeditiously. Towards that, this human intensive discipline has to look beyond traditional process and technology initiatives. It needs to explore leveraging of human sciences(More)
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