Pradeep Suresh

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In this paper we describe OntoMODEL, an ontological mathematical model management tool that facilitates systematic, standardizable methods for model storage, use and solving. While the declarative knowledge in mathematical models has been captured using ontologies, the procedural knowledge required for solving these models has been handled by commercially(More)
Informatics infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting different decision making activities related to pharmaceutical product development, pilot plant and commercial scale manufacturing by streamlining information gathering, data integration, model development and managing all these for easy and timely access and reuse. The foundation of such an(More)
Developing pharmaceutical product formulation in a timely manner and ensuring quality is a complex process that requires a systematic, science-based approach. Information from various categories, including properties of the drug substance and excipients, interactions between materials, unit operations, and equipment is gathered. Knowledge in different(More)
It is not commonly understood that one of the largest components of the overall cost of bringing a new drug to the market is the cost of product development. Cost of product development can account for as much as 30% to 35% of the total cost of bringing a new drug to the market. Quality of product development also affects time to market and the quality of(More)
In the pharmaceutical industry, costs attributed to manufacturing are a major part of a company’s total expenses. In this paper, trends in various expense and income categories of pharmaceutical companies have been analyzed with particular emphasis on manufacturing costs to gain an insight into their relationships and how they may differ among types of(More)
A Successful real time knowledge repository is essential for the prosperity of a Nation. The ability to access meaningful data in a timely manner through the centralized platform is vital for the Knowledge Management. The dominant method for replenishing the repository is to use Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools that give up-to-date data. This(More)
More sophistication in vehicle's state of art technologies in driver assistance systems and stringent laws implemented by the governments did not stop any of the road accidents in the developing countries like India. The report shows that India contributes nearly 9. 5% of the total 1. 2 million road accidents globally. Among that, nearly 60-70% of road(More)
The objective of this work was to develop and demonstrate batch process optimization tools that can be deployed for use in a manufacturing environment. The work specifically addresses the lack of tangible real time performance measures for batch process operations in literature and industry. Such performance measures need to account for real time adherence(More)