Pradeep Suresh

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Informatics infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting different decision making activities related to pharmaceutical product development, pilot plant and commercial scale manufacturing by streamlining information gathering, data integration, model development and managing all these for easy and timely access and reuse. The foundation of such an(More)
Introduction The current emphasis in the development of a pharmaceutical product is on shortening development time, reducing development costs, and improving the process design to ensure higher flexibility. Commercial scale product and process development typically goes through the following stages after the viability of a newly discovered molecule is(More)
In this paper we describe OntoMODEL, an ontological mathematical model management tool that facilitates systematic, standardizable methods for model storage, use and solving. While the declarative knowledge in mathematical models has been captured using ontologies, the procedural knowledge required for solving these models has been handled by commercially(More)
Due to the rapid evolution of grid computing, which deals with the effective utilization of the globally distributed comp uter resources to solve massive problems, grid scheduling is the major focus. Efficient scheduling algorithms are the need of the hour to achieve efficient utilization of the unused CPU cycles distributed geographically in various(More)
Grid Computing is a high performance computing that solves complicated tasks and provides powerful computing abilities. Scheduler is very much responsible for effective utilization of resources and less processing time. Most of the scheduling algorithms failed to consider user satisfaction and resource utilization. This paper introduces a new grouping based(More)
The increasing complexity of the enterprise has motivated the utilization of mathematical programming methodologies to deal with many of the decisions faced by companies. However, in many cases the combinatorial complexity of the decision problems is exacerbated by uncertainty in many of the model parameters, requiring the use of scenarios or stochastic(More)
Grid environment consists of millions of dynamic and heterogeneous resources. A grid environment which deals with computing resources is computational grid and is meant for applications that involve larger computations. A scheduling algorithm is said to be efficient if and only if it performs better resource allocation even in case of resource failure.(More)
The objective of this work was to develop and demonstrate batch process optimization tools that can be deployed for use in a manufacturing environment. The work specifically addresses the lack of tangible real time performance measures for batch process operations in literature and industry. Such performance measures need to account for real time adherence(More)