Pradeep Sinha

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This paper presents a theorem relating the geometry of two smooth surfaces with the topology of their intersection. Algorithms for computing intersections of surfaces are very basic to those solid-modeling systems that allow Boolean operations such as <italic>Union, Intersection,</italic> and <italic>Subtraction</italic> on solids. Recently, such an(More)
Due to the ever-increasing size of sequence databases, it has become clear that faster techniques must be employed to effectively perform biological sequence analysis in a reasonable amount of time. In bioinformatics, protein sequence alignment is one of the fundamental tasks. MPI-HMMER is one of the applications that perform this kind of bio-sequence(More)
Most of the information is in the form of electronic data. A lot of electronic data exchanged takes place through computer applications. Therefore information exchange through these applications needs to be secure. Different cryptographic algorithms are usually used to address these security concerns. However, along with security there are other factors(More)
Over the years, computational science has witnessed exceptional growth, but still lagging in efficient programming to effectively undertake research activities. Today, developments in almost all areas of Science &amp; Technology heavily rely on computational capabilities. The latest TOP500 supercomputing list shows the relevance of computational simulation(More)
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