Pradeep Mittal

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OBJECTIVE To compare the utility of anti-nucleosome antibodies and anti-dsDNA antibodies in diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and as a marker of disease activity. METHODS This is a hospital based observational study among 40 (37 females and 3 males) selected cases of SLE (> or = 4 ACR criteria) and 80 control. 40 cases of other systemic(More)
W ilson disease in an autosomal recessive disorder usually presenting with hepatic, neurologic and psychiatric manifestations. Other features include cholelithiasis, nephrolithiasis, osteoarthritis and hemolysis. We report a case of haemolytic anaemia and lab findings suggestive of Wilson disease lacking the other clinical manifestations of the disease A 16(More)
A survey of various link analysis and clustering algorithms such as Page Rank, Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search, Weighted Page Rank based on Visit of Links K-Means, Fuzzy K-Means. Ranking algorithms illustrated, Weighted Page Rank is more efficient than Hyperlink-induced Topic Search Whereas clustering algorithms has described Fuzzy Soft, Rough K-Means is a(More)
Progressive Disseminated Histoplasmosis (PDH) is mainly described in immuno-compromised individuals and rare in immuno-competent subjects. Here we report a case of progressive disseminated histoplasmosis with Comb's positive hemolytic anemia, which is infrequently reported from a country like India where histoplasmosis is not an endemic mycosis.
  • Preetibala Deshmukh, Vikram Garg, +12 authors ”IEEE
  • 2016
Data mining over the web data and mining page ranking is field of interest where several research is been performed in order to find page rank according to its acquired data. Recently different clustering, web data mining and ranking technique proposed to provide low computation time and high accuracy over the number of links provided. In this paper related(More)
In this research paper, we have implement wireless sensor networks using NS2. The networks implemented are named flat and hierarchical network. We have presented an evaluation and comparison of two routing protocols flooding and gossiping. These protocols suffer from issues related to reliability and delay information. The flooding protocol has a problem of(More)