Pradeep Marur Venkategowda

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The aim was to evaluate efficacy of optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) by ultrasound as a noninvasive method for detecting raised intracranial pressure (ICP) in intensive care unit, to compare with computed tomography/magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings of raised ICP and to prognosticate ONSD value with treatment. MATERIALS AND(More)
BACKGROUND Scrub typhus is one of the differential diagnoses for fever with thrombocytopenia. ARDS associated with Scrub typhus has high morbidity and mortality. AIMS To evaluate clinical features, lab values, and outcome in patients with scrub typhus and comparison in patients with or without ARDS. METHODS A prospective observational study was(More)
BACKGROUND Intra-hospital transport of critically ill patients is a challenging task. However, despite the improvements in intra-hospital transport practices, adverse event incidents remain high and constitute a significant risk for the transport of the critically ill ICU patients. OBJECTIVES To observe the number and types of unexpected-events (UEs)(More)
Glyphosate is a widely used herbicide in agriculture, forestry, industrial weed control and aquatic environments. Glyphosate potential as herbicide was first reported in 1971. It is a non-selective herbicide. It can cause a wide range of clinical manifestations in human beings like skin and throat irritation to hypotension, oliguria and death. We are(More)
Hyperthyroidism is a condition characterized by excessive production of thyroid hormones. Propylthiouracil (PTU) is commonly used as first line drug in the management of hyperthyroidism. This is a case report of 24-year-old female, a known case of hyperthyroidism since 4 years, who came with a history of fever and myalgia since 3 days and dyspnea with(More)
Materials and Method: This is a prospective observational study involving 154 patients. Following placement of internal jugular vein (IJV) catheter the distal port was flushed with 10ml saline over a period of 3 seconds and observed simultaneously for the time of onset of bubbles in the RA using transthoracic echocardiography (4 chamber view). Results: In(More)
Hemosuccus pancreatitis (HP) or Pseudohemobilia is diagnosed when there is hemorrhage from the pancreatic duct. It is most often associated with a pre-existing pancreatic disease process. In this case report we describe a patient with history of chronic pancreatitis who presented with malena since 3 months. After careful evaluation and hematologic workup(More)
Respiratory failure is a serious complication of scrub typhus. In this prospective study, all patients with a diagnosis of scrub typhus were included from a single center Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Demographic, clinical characteristics, laboratory, and imaging parameters of these patients at the time of ICU admission were compared. Of the 55 scrub typhus(More)
Background: Potassium permanganate (PP) is a highly corrosive and deadly agent with a reported lethal dose of 10 g in adults. In this report, successful treatment of a patient poisoned with three times the lethal dose of PP is presented, and effective and early approach to such emergency toxicologic condition is discussed. Case Presentation: A 24-year-old(More)
Fat embolism syndrome is a rare clinical condition associated with trauma, particularly of long bones. FES after fracture of neck of femur or head of humerus is uncommon. We report a case of FES following fracture in neck of femur and head of humerus in a man with history of mitral valve replacement, on long-term oral anticoagulant therapy, with an alleged(More)