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Delvardine and its structural derivatives are important non-nucleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs). In this work,15 delvardine analogues were studied. A free energy-of-binding (FEB)expression was developed in the form of an optimized linear combination of van der Waal (vdW), electrostatic, solvation and solvent-accessible surface area(More)
Total synthesis of podophyllotoxin is an expensive process and availability of the compound from the natural resources is an important issue for pharmaceutical companies that manufacture anticancer drugs. In order to facilitate reasoned scientific decisions on its management and conservation for selective breeding programme, genetic analysis of 28(More)
Genetic variation was assessed utilizing intron-flanking EST-specific markers among genotypes of Artemesia annua collected from two sampling sites viz. Nubra (9,600 ft) and Leh (11,500 ft) valleys of the trans-Himalayan region, Ladakh, India. The available ESTs (3,60,906) sequences of A. annua were aligned with the genomic sequences of Arabidopsis to(More)
Noscapine and its derivatives are important microtubule-interfering agents shown to have potent anti-tumor activity. The binding free energies (ΔG (bind)) of noscapinoids computed using linear interaction energy (LIE) method with a surface generalized Born (SGB) continuum solvation model were in agreement with the experimental ΔG (bind) with average root(More)
Systematic screening based on structural similarity of drugs such as colchicine and podophyllotoxin led to identification of noscapine, a microtubule-targeted agent that attenuates the dynamic instability of microtubules without affecting the total polymer mass of microtubules. We report a new generation of noscapine derivatives as potential tubulin binding(More)
Picrorhiza kurroa, has become an endangered medicinal herb due to excessive utilization, therefore it necessitates the understanding of biology and molecular basis of major chemical constituents i.e. Picroside-I (P-I) and Picroside-II (P-II). Estimation of P-I and P-II in different tissues of P. kurroa showed that shoots contain only P-I whereas P-II is(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing number of patients suffering from urolithiasis represents one of the major challenges which nephrologists face worldwide today. For enhancing therapeutic outcomes of this disease, the pathogenic basis for the formation of renal stones is the need of hour. Proteins are found as major component in human renal stone matrix and are(More)
Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) is an economically important plant, valued all over the world. The existing variation among 16 promising cultivars as observed through differential rhizome yield (181.9 to 477.3 g) was proved to have a genetic basis using different genetic markers such as karyotype, 4C nuclear DNA content and random amplified polymorphic(More)
Withania somnifera root extract has been used traditionally in ayurvedic system of medicine as a memory enhancer. Present study explores the ameliorative effect of withanolide A, a major component of withania root extract and its molecular mechanism against hypoxia induced memory impairment. Withanolide A was administered to male Sprague Dawley rats before(More)
Noscapine and its synthetic derivatives called noscapinoids have been shown to possess potential anticancer properties. These alkaloids target microtubules and inhibit cell proliferation. Noscapinoids are microtubule poisons that induce minor alterations in the innate dynamic instability of microtubules leading to mitotic arrest and cell death. Over the(More)